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UPDATE by Dr. Dominique Surel, a featured speaker at the 2012 Hong Kong UFO Conference

Huge Success

November 17 – 20, 2012 | The two-day 2012 Hong Kong International UFO Congress was a huge success with over 1,300 people attending. Apparently a world record in UFO conferences. It was organized by Ms Moon Fong, Head of the Hong Kong UFO Club in collaboration with Dr. Albert So, Head of the Hong Kong Institute of Ufology.


Dr. Fu Ho Ling, who worked for NASA discussed compelling evidence of UFO technology and ET visitations, to include how some of the crop circles appear to be messages in response to the SETI signals that are sent out into the cosmos. Dr. Albert So presented a concise report about the Tugunsak explosion in Siberia with additional unknown scientific information. Paul Stonehill, originally from Kiev with a fascinating background in journalism and covert Soviet operations, is a specialist in Russian military research of paranormal phenomena who at this conference divulged some fascinating Soviet research information to include the Kvakeri incidents. Michael Horn presented information about Billy Meier, the Swiss person who appears to have regular contact with ETs.

Professional and Inspirational Organizers

The organizers, to include a devoted and professional team of 80 volunteers, produced a highly professional event that included light, sound, and smoke effects. I was so impressed by the professionalism and sincere thoughtfulness and kindness of each person I met. During the entire Congress there was a general feeling of excitement about the speakers’ information but at the same time the energy was calm and respectful. The questions were intelligent with a sincere intention to acquire additional knowledge.

The Day 1 conference was conducted in Chinese with English translators. The invited speakers’ slides were translated into Chinese and a few translators were assigned to each speaker for the presentation.

Not just UFOs and ETs

Although the theme of the Congress was UFOs and ETs there was an even broader interest that surfaced about human consciousness in general. Since there also was a huge interest in CRV training, I will probably return and include a lecture on Remote Viewing with some exercises, and address some of the topics of human consciousness.

Beautiful Hong Kong

I did not have free time, but I did manage thanks to my new friends to walk around the beautiful Hong Kong harbour very late at night. There were Christmas decorations and music playing. Lots of other people were wandering around and I asked about safety only to be told that no one is worried about it. It did feel very safe.

Announcing the Hong Kong CRV Team!

The two CRV workshops were held in Ms Moon’s HK UFO quarters where we were served delicious home-made food! The two groups diligently sat through an entire day of intense CRV training, but the results were worthwhile. To my surprise, each one of them got on target by the end of the day. The enthusiasm to continue learning and doing session work is so encouraging. And they continue to do excellent session work!

While these 18 students practice session work, I will be testing a “communications component” to be integrated into Phase IV and Phase VI of the CRV protocol. Since the Hong Kong people are interested in establishing communication with UFOs and ETs, we will experiment with trying to establish contact. I am hoping that once they become seasoned CRVers, they will be able to specialize in the communications component.


I would like to thank each one of you who so kindly “took care of me” at this conference, to include “my little angels”… I will never forget you and hope to see you again during my next visit.

. . . and thanks to those who attended the Congress. The energy in the audience was so warm, friendly, and calm – very unusual.

. . . and thanks to the speakers for sharing their valuable information and knowledge

. . . and thanks Moon, Albert, and your exceptional team for producing such an informative and inspirational event

… it was an incredible experience…

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