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After almost two decades of research into the Heart-Brain connection, the evidence and extensive documentation proves that heart intelligence training will reduce stress, improve overall health, enhance learning and performance, and expand intuitive abilities.

The heart is more than a mere organ that pumps blood through our arteries. In fact, it is an integral part of our cognitive system. It appears to act as the the internal communications center, capturing and relaying signals from non-local information.

The heart and cardiovascular system send more signals[br] to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.

The sciences of psychology and medicine are in the midst of a major paradigm shift as research findings have uncovered that the heart is a sensory organ that can learn, hold memory, and make independent functional decisions.

Even more surprising is the fact that the heart displays qualities of neuroplasticity, and that it can reorganize itself by growing new neural connections, just as the brain can do. Neuroplasticity –  is the brain’s ability to change structurally and functionally as a result of input or changes from one’s way of thinking, behavior, or from the external environment.

What you need to know about Heart Intelligence

What you need to know about Heart Intelligence

Researchers at the HeartMath Institute have discovered that not only can the cardiac field of one’s heart be measured several feet away from the body, but when humans touch or are in conversational proximity of each other, the heartbeat signals are registered in the other’s brainwaves. Thus our blood-pumping organ is now oftentimes referred to as the heart brain.

The heart is the most powerful organ generating five thousand times more electromagnetic signals than the brain. Some of the same neurotransmitters present in the brain, also found in the heart, establish their own neurochemical and electrochemical communications link. The heart translates information that is then communicated through its neurological impulses and makes its way to the brain to the medulla and up to higher centers of the brain where they can influence our cognitive processes such as how we make decisions and how we perceive reality.

The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR)

Heart ScienceThousands of years ago alchemists knew that some of the more powerful transmutation experiments would only happen if they were performed by a man and a woman who were in love.

Fast-forward to the US in the mid-1990s where scientists at the Princeton PEAR Lab conducted experiments using a Random Event Generator (REG). The REG machine is designed to continuously generate random numbers so that humans can try to influence the output of the random numbers using only their minds. Without any instruction or training, the volunteers are told to try to influence the output of the numbers. Using the most rigorous of scientific protocols Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunn conducted experiments using single percipients (volunteers) and teams of two people.

The findings clearly demonstrated statistically significant differences when people tried to influence the machine with their minds. Even more interesting is that the findings demonstrated that even though teams of two men or two women had a stronger influence on the numbers, the strongest influence came with teams of male-female couples who stated they felt bonded with love or stated that they had a strong heart connection. The implication appears to be that although a team of two people can influence the machine more strongly than one, a team of two people in love has an even more stronger influence.

Heart Resonance

Heart ResonanceFor thousands of years, writers, philosophers and scholars have mused that the soul resides in the heart, that the heart is the source of love, and that we feel with our heart. Paul Pearsall, PhD, states “Some of the greatest poems are written in an iambic pentameter that resembles the steady slow beat of a restful secure heart. Our most soothing music usually beats from about 70 to 80 tones per minute, replicating the natural rhythm of a healthy heart”. And is it not Aristotle who claimed that the true seat of the soul is in the heart.

Furthermore Pearsall tells of Moe Keale a Hawaiian musician who says “Music is not something you just hear with your ears. It’s something you hear with your pu’uwai – your heart”. Dr. Pearsall states that the heart stores information and that the first embryonic cells are sound sensitive. He then explains that since sound carries information because it is energy, the heart communicates information throughout our body.

We Are Our Heart

Native HeartPearsall, a PhD in psycho-neuro-immunology, researched heart transplant recipients and discovered that many had taken-on some of the donor’s character qualities. He gives examples of individuals who for example all of a sudden like music they used to hate before the transplant, or develop a dislike for certain foods. Each of these characteristics was traced back to the heart donor who liked that type of music or hated a certain food.

Perhaps one of the most striking examples is that of an eight year old girl recipient of the heart of a ten year old girl who was murdered. Shortly after the transplant the recipient told her mother about a man who had killed the donor. The mother took the child to a psychiatrist who believed the girl and called the police. Using the girl’s descriptions of the weapon, the time, the clothes the murderer was wearing and the place, the police were able to find the murderer.

The examples abound and reach into the more subtle personality changes such as one recipient taking on the depression of his donor. This type of information transference is attributed to cellular memory, or information about our personality, which is not compromised during the transplant.

Pearsall further states: “Unlike recipients of other donor tissues, every heart transplant patient I have interviewed. . . no matter how many years past their transplant, still talks to their new heart in some way and reports some form of spiritual imprint of their donor”.

The Corporate Heart

Corporate Heart

Where do we start?The change starts with the individual: Me. You.

As its name implies, Noetic Systems International endeavors to take scientific consciousness-related research, give it meaning, and transmute it into organizational applications. In our training, we incorporate the importance of the heart and train individuals to develop a resonance and understanding with their own hearts as well as with the hearts of others.

If a group of professional business individuals understands how to incorporate the wisdom and knowledge communicated by their hearts into their rational and conscious thinking, then these individuals’ hearts will begin to resonate and the outcome will generate higher-level intelligence and solutions – and corporations will have found their heart. This result might trigger a true transformation toward a higher consciousness for humanity.

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