Aalto University Helsinki Finland

At the invitation of Aalto University in Helsinki, Findland, Dr. Dominique Surel conducted Intuitive Intelligence and Controlled Remote Viewing lectures and workshops from April 15 to April 23, 2012.

Aalto University was created by integrating Helsinki’s University of Technology, Economics, with Arts & Designs, which includes Architecture, to foster closer interactions between these disciplines and push creativity and innovation to a higher level.

Her professional colleagues at Aalto University, Asta Raami and Samu Mielonen, have spent years researching creativity, as well as intuition, in order to enhance creative flow. Their work now focuses on how to apply innovation in order to create solutions for sustainability.

Their attentiveness and enthusiasm was incredible, and most stayed an extra hour to answer questions and discuss the topic of consciousness.

Dr. Surel presented a well-received, two-hour lecture on Wednesday, April 18, on Intuitive Intelligence to almost double the anticipated crowd. Their attentiveness and enthusiasm was incredible, and most stayed an extra hour to answer questions and discuss the topic of consciousness. On Friday, Dr. Surel gave a full day workshop on how to develop Intuitive Intelligence. Participants had the opportunity to apply the Surel Intuitive Methodology (based on principles of remote viewing) to help solve a specific professional or personal life issue.

Finland is internationally renowned for its position in design and innovation and Helsinki has been labeled the World Design Capital of 2012. Dr. Surel’s invitation was synchronistic in many ways—and included flying to Helsinki on her birthday!

During the sessions, Dr. Surel enthusiast audience were given protocols and tools to demonstrate how Intuitive Intelligence training raises the level of consciousness. As they began using the techniques, she felt the workshop participants “got it” immediately. They understood that Intuitive Intelligence development is a transformational journey and were not only open to this type of information, but expressed interested in obtaining more knowledge and training about the topic.

Dr. Surel was interviewed by three major magazines. The first few days, she met many people, including professors and researchers at Aalto University and she was impressed by the general openness to new ideas and also by the apparent lack of egos. In fact, it was a very refreshing atmosphere. Dr. Surel was also impressed that everyone spoke impeccable English. Every day was a new experience for her discussing consciousness, creativity, and intuition. She came back with a feeling of intense inspiration coupled with a soft calmness.

Asta and Samu discussed collaborative projects to develop the area of intuition and consciousness. They believe that in order to evolve the human consciousness, it has to start at the individual level. An individual who embarks on this transformational journey may influence one other person, who in turn might inspire another, and so on in a ripple effect.

Saturday and Sunday were two full days of Control Remote Viewing training. The organizers planned for 10 participants, with one participant flying in from London. There was a lot of material to cover in two days, but the participants were brilliant and immediately received accurate information from the target itself, rather than the photograph of it. It was a very special time for everyone to get to know each other and have long discussions about non-local information over lunches and dinners.

Besides enjoying a dinner hosted by Aalto University, Dr. Surel was also invited to Asta’s home for dinner with other university people and friends.

Helsinki is a beautiful city, with the Baltic sea visible almost everywhere. The pictures enclosed were taken by Dr. Surel during her trip.

One interesting side note: Dr Surel often has problems with microphones –draining the batteries.

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