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What is Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV)[br] Remote Viewing (RV)?

Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) is a comprehensive protocol developed by the US military that enables an individual to obtain psychoenergtic perceptions, or specific and accurate non-local information from the time-space matrix by using the mind.

Remote Viewing (RV) is an umbrella term for most of the other techniques that use an individual’s natural psychic skills with minimal structure. CRV is the specific and powerful methodology that is still being used in operational work. Not many trainers teach the original CRV military protocol.

Who developed CRV?

CRV was initially developed by the Russian government as a highly effective spying tool. Over the span of 20 years (mid 70s to mid 90s) the US government invested $25 million to develop the methodology with the help of psychologists, physicists, and psychics. Controlled Remote Viewing was created for military personnel who were not specifically identified as having psychic skills.

The major players were the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) who conducted research with the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, Stargate Project, the Army Intelligence, and Project SCANATE. One of the best remote viewers who worked with the military was a California Police Commissioner named Pat Price.

What are the Benefits of learning CRV?


Dr. Surel has established an international reputation for teaching CRV in a way that goes beyond the simple purpose of retrieving nonlocal information. Although she uses the powerful and scientifically proven original military CRV Protocol, her method of teaching truly expands the human mind. Learners are able to understand the process and most importantly, integrate and apply the knowledge into their every day professional and personal lives.

CRV is unique because it addresses & manages the elusive issue of: shutting off the critical voice while opening wider the aperture for accessing nonlocal information. CRV provides a powerful management tool that shuts off the mind talk while accelerating the flow of intuitive insights and accessing accurate nonlocal information.

HOW IS CRV USED?[br]How is it different from XQ?

Intuition Development[br]The CRV Protocol takes the viewer directly and easily into the nonlocal world. Skeptics get the undeniable experience of being able to describe a nonlocal object or location. The continuous practice of CRV develops this natural skill so that the viewer becomes more accurate in the descriptions and more comfortable navigating in the nonlocal realm. Intuition, because it is partly grounded in accessing nonlocal information, is also highly developed with the proper CRV training.

Describing nonlocal objects or locations[br]CRV was developed by the military to describe locations in order to find out what other governments were doing and/or building. The Protocol is powerful in taking the viewer to a specific nonlocal spot in order to describe what is going on. It is also used to find missing people. For example: describe the location of the missing person.

Difference between XQ and CRV[br]CRV is a rigid protocol designed for the purposes stated above. XQ takes the powerful components of CRV (the ability to connect into the nonlocal realm) and combines them with a protocol that lends itself to make decisions, assess situations, and maximize creativity in R&D or product development. XQ integrates critical thinking and intuition thus engaging and harmonizing all of our cognitive skills with the access of the nonlocal realm.

CRV EXAMPLE[br]Locating lost dog

The client: Person lost his dog

Problem: Client’s dog had run away from his home in a rural mountain area. There was a highway close to the home on one side, forest on another side, and further away a small populated community. The client had a feeling the dog had crossed the highway.

CRV assignment: Had the dog crossed the highway? Was he alive? If yes, where is he?

Findings: Using CRV, the NSI viewer found that the dog had not crossed the highway. He was alive. He was around houses. The viewer then went into Phase VI of CRV and took a map that showed over a 50 mile radius from the owner’s home. Having been trained in radiesthesia and using the pendulum, the viewer obtained the energetic imprint of the dog. Using the map, the viewer identified a spot on the map that resonated with the dog’s energetic frequency. The viewer indicated the spot to the client and said: Go to this place, at the corner of these two streets and you should be able to find the dog.

Client Feedback: The client immediately went into the car and drove for about 15 minutes to the described location. At the corner of the two streets there was no dog but a car stopped at the intersection. The client asked the person in the other car: Have you seen a lost dog around? The person answered: Yes, he is two houses down from here. The client went to the house and found the dog.

Business Applications: [br]Hire an expensive CRV consultant or do it in-house?[br]


Years of NSI experience demonstrates that knowledge of the field you are exploring using CRV can be a critical factor in generating detailed and accurate information. Why? Take the example of a physician who might be using CRV or just use her/his intuition. When the physician obtains intuitive or CRV information, it is raw data. The conscious brain then takes the data and contextualizes it with the physician’s medical experience and knowledge. For example, if the CRV information states that the liver is only playing a secondary role in the illness, the physician will immediately know which next question to ask. A non-medical CRV person would not be able to intelligently and accurately contextualize the information and might even miss a critical piece of information because of the lack of knowledge of the field.

The problem with hiring outside CRV consultants is the same as if you were hiring any other type of expensive consultant who knows very little about your business.

  • Security and confidentiality issues. Hiring outside CRV consultants also means divulging some of your company’s innovative ideas and strategy.
  • Detail and accuracy. CRV information is really the same as intuitive insights. An outside consultant will not have the intuitive feel of your business situation or the marketplace. It is important to be able to contextualize the CRV/intuitive information in order to make it intelligently applicable. Someone who knows little about your business will inevitable miss out on some of the more subtle but possibly critical signals.
  • Cost: Outside CRV consultants usually hire a team and the costs tend to be high.

In two days
NSI will train
your in-house CRV team

Although the rigid CRV protocol does not lend itself very well to business applications, some businesses still want to use it. NSI will train your employees to learn CRV and offer coaching services to apply the CRV protocol to your specific needs. NSI also recommends learning CRV as a complementary development tool for developing XQ skills.

Remember that the powerful CRV protocol was created for normal military personnel. In two days your team, or individual(s), will be able to obtain nonlocal information. If you wish to use CRV, NSI recommends you train your employees and create your in-house team.

  • NSI will train your employees how to interpret the CRV sessions
  • NSI’s program provides support for as long or as short a time you need it. NSI’s specialist can help structure the CRV sessions and guide your viewers during the session work if need be.
  • NSI’s expert training and support will save your business a lot of money.
  • In-house trained team of XQ experts ensures the safety of your IP and other confidentiality issues.

Testimonial: [br]“Well, here is one hard headed engineer who was seriously impressed with your CRV workshop last Sunday.”[br] 2015 Society for Scientific Exploration annual meeting.

What is the difference between XQ and CRV ?

  • CRV was developed by the military to specifically describe objects or locations
  • XQ incorporates CRV components but is developed specifically for business applications: elicit truly innovative concepts, assessment of situations, & decision-making applications
  • Learning CRV is a powerful complement to XQ as a tool to develop intuition. 
  • XQ is very easy to learn
  • XQ develops critical thinking skills and the art of becoming more intuitive to discover hidden information
  • If you are a Private Investigator, Police Officer, or First responder, XQ is more effective as a problem solver but training in CRV will enhance your intuitive skills while in a crisis situation.

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