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Part of the XQ Intuitive Intelligence training is about remaining grounded. What does that mean? Take the example of nuns and monks who partake in daily chores whether it be gardening, cleaning, or any other similar activity. Alchemists in the ancient times also believed that being grounded by attending to daily chores was part of the spiritual development of a human being. In order to connect with the Divine, one had to remain grounded.

Research in intuition demonstrates that insights are often generated while doing mundane chores such as washing a car. People often say: the solution came to me out of the blue while I was washing the dishes, or any other type of chore. When our conscious mind is fully engaged in an activity, the unconscious mind (the link to nonlocal information) is then free to do its magic and generate intuitive insights.

Remaining grounded is important in the XQ Intuitive Intelligence training.

An interesting experiment was performed at Florida State University by studying the mental effect of washing dishes. One group was given a text to read about the sensory experience of dishwashing and another group read a text about how to properly wash dishes. The purpose was for the students to pay attention to what they were doing. Although the sample was small, 51 students, the results were statistically significant in both groups: Nervousness decreased by 27% and mental inspiration increased by 25%.

In our modern times we are so distracted by continuous communication with our miscellaneous electronic devices that chores are done with minimum attention. We admire multitasking but ignore the quality of attention we are able to give to each activity. Multitasking becomes an automated method of getting things done with no space for the unconscious to do its work. Perhaps if we paid more attention to each activity we might be able to increase the rate of our intuitive insights. The added value is that it keeps us grounded thus increasing the ease to connect with the nonlocal realm, or the Divine. Remaining grounded is important in the NoeticSI – XQ Intuitive Intelligence training.

Reference: Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, September 29, 2015, p. D4

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