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NSI is a unique Business & Research organization that offers training to elevate the level of human thinking. NSI offers advanced applications and results-oriented trainings in XQ-Intuitive Intelligence, Controlled Remote Viewing, Critical Thinking, & Intuitive Leadership areas.

Science is beginning to explain how intuition works and to understand its role in raising human performance. The heart, for example, has now been proven to be an intelligent organ with a significant ability to communicate information to the brain. It also plays a role in intuition and accessing nonlocal information. Scientific findings demonstrate that human potential and performance can be positively affected when an individual moves beyond the basic brain functions we learn in school. By developing and integrating skills such as intuition, and using the unconscious to access nonlocal information, the brain creates new neural pathways to accommodate and integrate these activities. Through this transformation the brain becomes laser-sharp and the individual operates at a higher level of intellect and consciousness.

NSI’s training is grounded in scientific and experiential findings. CRV is a proven method created and used by the US government to access nonlocal information. NSI created the concept of XQ (Intuitive Intelligence Quotient) by synthesizing the highly-effective CRV concepts with Critical Thinking and the latest Heart-Brain science to enhance intuitive intelligence. NSI’s practical applications allow individuals to think and perform at a much higher cognitive level, and in turn, provide their organization with an increased accuracy in assessing situations, faster decision-making, increased forecasting skills, sharper acuity in problem-solving, innovative insights, and the ability to anticipate new trends.

Models have become defunct and motivational events

only touch the emotional surface without changing
the essence of the problems or of human nature.

The Need to Evolve Human Consciousness

Noetic SI was created with the view that humanity needs to evolve in order to survive and emerge through the chaos as a stronger and more intelligent species. Although we have progressed significantly in technology, history continues to repeat itself to include religious wars.

Leadership of corporations and countries has been fueled by greed and ego. Humanity needs to awaken and develop its latent cognitive skills, such as intuition, and accessing nonlocal information so that we can truly shift our way of thinking to a higher level of consciousness. Only by changing the way we use our brain and reaching our true human potential will we change the present state of humanity.

The Role of

Corporations and organizations are groups of individuals who enable leaders and decision-makers to shape our world. By influencing and empowering others they give direction to how society is evolving. Unfortunately the last few decades the general direction of business has fueled a culture of greed and ego with little concern for consequences.

Today the business environment is finally asking critical questions: How do we get out of this chaos? How do we change corporate mentality while still remaining successful? Where do we find enlightened leaders? With XQ training companies will be able to address these vital questions and successfully lead the way into a more evolved 21st Century.


NSI works with businesses and individuals to offer tailored workshops, trainings, and lectures on XQ Intuitive Intelligence and other components that expand intelligence and consciousness. The teaching method is based on a combination of presenting valuable knowledge with exercises that provide an experiential-based learning experience while applying the concepts on real cases or scenarios. The Learner receives grounded knowledge that supports the experiential exercises, as well as the opportunity to practice on real cases, or situations.

The following topics can be delivered in either lecture or workshop formats tailored to each organization’s needs. Depending upon clients’ needs all the topics can also be delivered together as a cohesive program.

Where do we start? The change starts with the individual: Me. You.

By evolving our consciousness, we can become true leaders and inspire others to follow the same transformational path.

  • XQ – Intuitive Intelligence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Controlled Remote Viewing
  • XQ – Intuitive Leadership
  • XQ – Intuitive Leadership
  • Consciousness & Spirituality
  • Remote Viewing Applications
  • Police Consciousness

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