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This private group invites those who seek to ask the right questions and acquire information and wisdom about life on planet earth. Are you interested in acquiring scientific based information and sharing your experience about:

  • How the human mind functions in our holographic-type of universe
  • Human energy fields – do they exist and how do they function
  • Neurocardiology – why do some transplant patients take on the characteristics of their donor? How the heart plays a major role in human consciousness.
  • Radiesthesia – the secret ancient Egyptian science of working with subtle energies and the nonlocal world
  • Neuroscience, holographic universe & brain, cognition, quantum physics
  • What happens to the human consciousness when one dies
  • The effect of music on the brain, and children’s brain
  • Precognition, premonition, remote viewing, consciousness
  • Ancient sciences & civilizations, unexplained phenomena
  • The after-life: research on clinically dead individuals who have returned to life

NSI keeps up-to-date with research and will post some of the latest findings and publications about these topics.


Future NSI projects[br]

  • Qualitative research on some of these topics
  • Develop program for children and teenagers to become more aware of the human consciousness and who they are

What does Noetic mean?[br]Ancient Greek word: noētikós, for intelligence. It is the science of the mind and intellect that includes intuition and, what the ancients called the divine intellect. Noetic science uses all cognitive and intuitive skills to discover the truth.


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