Overview & Benefits of XQ

Intuition Quote by Isaac Asimov

Noetic SI training allows participants to quickly and expertly master the skills of intuitive intelligence.

XQ training focuses on the critical issues of intuition:

  • Separating the conscious and unconscious minds to increase the flow of intuitive insights
  • Heighten sensitivity to intuitive signals and create a language to understand the unconscious
  • Apply intuitiveintelligence in professional and personal life

In today’s world of increasing chaos and uncertainty, decision-makers need to develop cognitive skills to increase accuracy in and accelerate the process of: Forecasting, Decision-Making, & Innovation.

Intuitive thinking has become a focus in both the scientific community and the business environment. Models have become defunct and a new way of thinking is needed for humanity to survive and evolve. Intuition XQ generates insights into unknown parameters and opens the portal to true innovation. Studies demonstrate that intuitive thinkers develop a higher level of consciousness.

Back in 2001 Dr. Surel was first in innovating the concept of integrating the concepts of remote viewing into developing intuition XQ. The result is a powerful methodology which is also based on scientific research. Learners who have applied the methodology to their work, report increased clarity, quickness, and accuracy in their decision-making process especially in crisis situations

XQ Benefits

Intuitive Thinkers are highly creative and develop accurate insights


XQ will enhance your organization’s internal and external  functionality, while reducing expenses on consultants.

Historical & Scientific Background

Intuition has been an enigma for thousands of years. Intuition has tweaked the curiosity of philosophers and more recently that of scientists. More recently, research findings have demonstrated the possibility of accessing information from the future and the past and findings in quantum physics are discovering new paradigms that begin to explain a broader view of time and space.

Our Body is a Tool

The human body emits and receives energetic signals but our cognitive skills have not been fully developed to capture all these signals and derive meaning.

Developing Sensories

Participants will learn how to identify and develop their sensories. Intuitive insights do not always manifest in words. They can be a gut feeling, or goose-bumps, or other sensorial gestalts. Participants will learn how to identify these signals and derive meaning through creative methods. Each individual is different and the exercises will elicit the person’s natural set of intuitive sensories. These exercises will open wider the door for intuitive insights to flow in.

Is It Intuition or My Imagination?

Working with the conscious and unconscious. As soon as an intuitive thought enters the brain, an untrained individual will question that thought or possibly dismiss it. Participants will learn how to shut-off the voice that intercepts intuitive insights.

Creating Language Between the Conscious and Unconscious

Once the intuitive insights flow in, meaning must be derived from the gestalts. Participants learn how to create a language using ideograms and energetic imprints, in order to read these gestalts and derive meaning.

Application – The Protocol

A ten step protocol that guides the participant in generating intuitive insights on a specific issue or question. Participants are asked to bring a real-life issue to practice.

Advanced Intuitive Intelligence

More in-depth work with ideograms and Nprints. Discussions about metaphors, lucid dreaming, and other complementary means of obtaining non-local information. Presentation of latest neuroscience and quantum physics research findings.

The Immediate Benefits Experienced by Organizations Include:
 Acceleration of process by combining rational analysis and intuitive thinking.
 Leadership  Empowerment through increased consciousness and independent thinking.
 Strategy  Clarity in evaluating situations and markets, identifying niches and future trends. Anticipate and prevent chaos and crises by thinking beyond models. Create better long-term strategies.
 Value Creation  Develop insights about novel aspects of added-value and potential needs of clients and customers.
 Futuristic scenarios  Discover flow channels, synchronicities, & future trends to create more accurate forecasting scenarios
R & D
 New approach on creative thinking to trigger true innovation for products and services
 Negotiation  Insights about other party’s position in order to create win/win solutions. Discover potential areas of collaboration or alliances.
 Company Culture  Higher morale and employee retention by creating inspirational and employee centric Intuitive Culture
 Recruitment  Significantly sharpen evaluation and interview skills

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